The Change We Need

Black men and women are being shot and often killed by police on site. Regardless of innocence or guilt, few even have the chance for their day in court. Everyone has the right to a trial by their peers, but African Americans too often don’t survive long enough to get there.

Everyone must be held accountable for their actions and the damages they inflict - including the police. We must draw attention to Tari's case in order to protect victims and their families and demand accountability and transparency for police and, ultimately, our judicial system.

We Demand

Police claimed they’d release their findings to the public after 45 days. These deadlines were never met. They handled things behind closed doors and didn’t notify Tari for nearly a year. He is still on the outside.


The Officer who discharged his weapon was fired. Even upon appeal,

the decision was upheld

We stand with The People's Revolution in demanding to renegotiate police union contracts so that police are held accountable in the case of misconduct. Overhaul public records process to accommodate affordable, equitably addressed, timely responses to requests by the public for public records.

We Demand

Tari and his lawyers waited for over a year to receive body cam footage. To date, they’ve only received one clip from a small portion of the event. They are still fighting to get the rest of the footage. This should never be the case.

We demand more transparency: A policy requiring the use of continuously recording body cameras by all officers in the field and the development and maintenance of a data collection and retrieval process that allows footage to be easily and equitably accessed by the public must be instituted. Victims and their legal representation should have easy access to their own cases.

We Deny

Wisconsin statute, §  893.80 creates a litany of issues for victims as it contains qualified immunities for discretionary conduct by governmental bodies or officers. This includes a limitation of damages provision capped at $50,000.00 for most state law claims. 


Tari’s medical bills alone far exceed this.  We demand change for these inherently problematic immunity laws.

Contact your elected officials and let them know that you are calling for them to adopt the Peoples Demands