Meet Tari Davis

An innocent bystander
shot by police.

2 years later, and still no answers.


This is his story.

Warning: This video contains graphic content and explicit language.

On September 8, 2019 Tari Davis was shot in his own home by a police officer that brazenly shot at another man during a foot chase. Tari was rushed to the hospital for surgery.


The police officer was later discharged for breaking protocol yet, Tari and his family has spent the last 2 Years suffering through unknowns and experiencing unimaginable pain.

"You're bleeding out, police step over your body, search your home, separate your family, and detain your children."  

   -Tari Davis

First imagine, You are sitting with your kids on a Saturday night watching a movie, and only moments later you’re lying in a hallway with a bullet in your stomach.

Now imagine it was a police officer who shot you in your own home without any justification. Imagine you are laying there helplessly bleeding.

Imagine the police step over your body as you start to go cold, they search your home, they separate your family and detain your children. The only thing you can hear is your children screaming and crying. You’re taken to a hospital for emergency surgery. You wake up chained to a hospital bed with officers looking down at you.

Imagine the police John Doe you, take your phone out of your room, and refuse to tell your family where you are located, whether you are alive or dead, or anything about your status. They then escort your family off the hospital grounds.

Imagine being an innocent victim and you and your family are treated this way.

You are eventually sent home, with everything in turmoil. You learn that the police detained and interrogated your 14yr old daughter alone for hours. They searched your home without consent. They towed your car out of your driveway with no explanation.

Imagine waiting on answers from the city, going through rehab, and the medical bills are multiplying. MPD claims they’ll release their findings within 45 days, yet you receive nothing for over a year.

Later you discover the police officer was discharged for wrongfully shooting you.

Tari Davis doesn’t have to imagine this scenario because he is living this unimaginable pain.

Tari and his family are still hurting. Tari and his family just wishes they could return to those final moments of peace they had while watching a movie together, but they can't.

That moment of family peace is forever gone.

Join The Fight

Everyone must be held accountable for their actions and the damages they inflict - including the police. We must draw attention to this case in order to protect victims and their families and demand accountability and transparency for police and, ultimately, our judicial system.

Share Tari's story, website, and media. The Milwaukee Police Department cannot hide from this. Demand reconciliation for Tari's family and policy change to put an end to police immunity laws.